Regulatory compliance

The Foundation firmly believes in the social and ethically responsible role of the company: in its ongoing commitment to the protection of all interested parts, the Foundation has adopted the Code of Ethics described below, the procedures and policies necessary to provide the personnel, partners and Foundation suppliers with clear and precise instructions to ensure ethically correct business practices. The administrative body of the Foundation and the personnel with managerial duties are committed both to operate commercially with the highest level of integrity, and to treat third parts with honesty and respect, in order to be an example to all the involved parts. The Foundation expects full compliance with the Code of Ethics and other adopted policies: no tolerance will be granted on non-compliant behavior, and appropriate corrective measures will be adopted for each violation.


Ethical code

The Foundation has approved the Code of Ethics, which can be downloaded in Pdf format through the following link [LINK codice-etico.pdf] to provide values, clear rules and a guide for those who work and collaborate with the Foundation and with the companies that are part of the Foundation affiliate groups; it indicates the goals and the informative values ​​of the business activity, with reference to the main stakeholders with whom the Foundation is daily interacting. The Code of Ethics is a tangible commitment to respect the needs of all the involved parts and its primary purpose is to put the commission of incorrect behavior and crimes. The Code of Ethics has been set up as a tool for the growth and prevention of possible crimes and incorrect behavior. The Code of Ethics is reviewed periodically, integrating it where necessary with operational procedures for the management of particular activities. Everyone who works on behalf of or in favor of the Foundation, or who have business relations with it, each within their own functions and responsibilities, is called to comply with the principles and provisions contained in the Code itself.