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Apply as a Researcher

the young researchers recruitment – phase 1.0

Plan & recruitment

The programme for the young researchers recrtuitment is addressed to scholars of all nationalities in possession of a PhD or equivalent degree, to research fellows in public or private research institutes, as well as to academic professors. The application shall include:

  • the curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • the list of scientific publications and attached a publication made in the last three years
  • the name, affiliation and e-mail address of two academic professors to whom we will require two confidential recommendation letters

the young researchers recruitment – phase 2.0

Selection of proposals

The selection of proposals is assigned to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, based on the outcome of the assessment of the Scientific Committee. At the end of the assessment phase the Board of Directors orders (following the priority lists, one per macro-area) all the applications that were successfully passed the first stage.

  1. The candidates will be called following the order of the priority lists and depending on the allocations available for the projects to be implemented in the different areas.
  2. The selected candidates are required to report to the Foundation the acceptance of the engagement within 15 days from the communication; in the absence of a proposal it is considered no longer valid and the Foundation will contact the next candidate on the list.
  3. The candidates who have accepted the terms above must sign a research contract with the Foundation; the candidate is dismissed in case of no subscription or in case of his failure to take timely service.

those who make the difference

Become a 2.0 Volunteer

The world of artificial intelligence is fascinating, and you can be a part of it too with Italo Foundation.

A scientific research project not only requires money and researchers: there are countless accessory and support activities that may be performed by anyone, regardless of age and educational qualifications.

The “Volunteer 2.0” project includes the possibility to cooperate voluntarily with Italo Foundation both in our offices/labs, both locally or at home, sharing and offering their time, skills and professionalism. Some examples:

  • Info-buster: gather up online information about ongoing research projects at other research centres, with which the Foundation will deal with
  • Translator: use your skills as a translator and interpreter (mainly English, German and Eastern languages) to support the Foundation in traslating and cataloguing our papers and material from abroad.
  • Fund-raiser: participate in awareness raising campaigns for the Foundation and promote the fundraising in support of scientific research
  • Video maker: report the scientific experiments and their presentation
  • Turing-tester: challenge researchers in distinguishing human responses from those given by an AI
  • Mechatronicer: build mechanical and electromechanical mountings/supports necessary for research projects
  • Somethingelser: a thousand other opportunities to cooperate voluntarily and for a few hours a week

Would you like to live this experience? Keep an eye on this page to see the competition announcement or send us your availability.
All the “2.0 Volunteer” competition announcements refer to voluntary collaborations, then unpaid. Given the high number of applications, only the selected ones will get an answer within one month from the closure of the competition announcement, as more in line with the requirements.








Video maker







the first Scientific Committee of the Foundation

Apply for the Scientific Committee

Sono eleggibili come membri del Comitato Scientifico ricercatori, studiosi, professori o in genere persone ampiamente note nel loro campo di attività per le opere svolte e/o le ricerche effettuate. In particolare il Consiglio di Amministrazione valuterà la candidatura di persone che si siano distinte nei seguenti campi:

The Board of Directors has started the necessary steps to quickly establish the first Scientific Committee of the Foundation.
Researchers, scholars, professors or well-known people in their field of activity for their works and/or research are eligible as members of the Scientific Committee.
In particular the Board of Directors will evaluate the application of people who have distinguished themselves in the following fields:

  • artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks, machine learning, deep learning
  • cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, neurophysiology
  • cognitive psychology, study of emotions,  linguistics, semantics
  • human-computer interaction (HCI), ethology, game theory, chaos theory
  • robotics, mechatronics, biomaterials, nanotechnology

Those who would be interested should send their CV or request information by clicking here.